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Happy Kim Bierwert Day!

March 4, 2013
Coach Kim Bierwert

Coach Kim Bierwert

A prank to top all the pranks–it involved many years of planning by the current Wild Bunch.  They used all their resources, scrounging for pictures in the Smith Archives and MIT archives- with the help of Dawn Dill (Smith Alumna and MIT head coach).

This morning, innocent Kim Bierwert parked his car in his usual spot, unlocked the Ainsworth door, and proceeded to his office completely unaware of what lay around him- the hanging of 260 pictures of Kim as a young lad at MIT and as a young coach at Smith.  A bunch of bananas filled into Olin, Scott and Ainsworth Sunday night at 7:02pm armed with posters, duck tape and mischievous grins.

A senior (whose name will be kept anonymous) sent out the email planning their attack on Feb 24th.  It read:

“Yo WB,

We’ve got a situation on our hands, and his name is Kim Bierwert. Next Sunday, we will be executing an end of season prank. It may involve plastering Ainsworth/Dalton Pool/ and Olin with photos of KGB in his glory days at MIT…
Mark your calendars and keep quiet.
Agent E”

The morning of, the swimmers and divers paraded into the gym eager to watch their head coach’s reaction to the plastered pictures of himself.  Kim’s face was everywhere.  They were on the windows, pool walls, diving board, starting blocks, door handles, coaches offices, ceilings, floor, stairs, in the stretch mats, and even in the microwave.  One of the Wild Bunch said, “We hope that years from now, someone will open something and see Kim’s face.”  The crafty bunch poked their faces into Kim’s office to gauge his reaction, which was a mixture of surprise and smiles.

Well done Agent E & Wild Bunch.  Very well done!

Photo on 2013-03-04 at 16.52

The Wild Bunch on the Ainsworth stairs post hanging of pictures:

The Executors of "Photo Bomb" task.

The Executors of “Photo Bomb” task.

Another action shot of KimIMG_0209 coaching:

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  1. Karen B permalink
    March 5, 2013 10:05 am

    Super Job, WB Seniors!
    Hmm, as I walk the halls of Ainsworth and swim in Dalton, I have this uncanny feeling that Big Brother is watching!
    : ) Karen B

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