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Blizzards Won’t Phase this Wild Bunch! Last Day to Race!

February 11, 2013

Smith Swim Dive Team @ Seven Sister’s Meet Jan 2013

Overcoming the two+ feet of snow on Saturday morning, the Wild Bunch trekked across campus to the Smith pool for practice/last races.  The swimmers and divers prepared the pool deck the night before– it was decorated with ALL the banners from years previous.  The history of the Wild Bunch surrounded those competing- can’t ask for better mojo than that!


Congratulations to Seniors: Stef Cervantes, Christina Goethel, Rachel Dean, Emma Reim, Junior: Jill Anderson, Sophomores: Helen Zhang, Vanessa McFarlane, Garbo Garborcauskas, and First year: Devi Dearmon-Moore who competed valiantly throughout the season.  You have all continuously pushed yourselves; you are all essential members of this team. 


Some of the swimmers also competed along side teammates in order to help push them to swim their best.


The meet was comprised of nine events: 200IM, 200 freestyle/fly, 100 breaststroke, 50 free, 100 fly/back, 500 free, 100 free, and 200 breaststroke.


Stef “the terminator” Cervantes competed in the 200 IM with teammates Sophie Mettler-Grove, and Rachael Gainer.  Stef was determined to earn a season best time.  She was right on track after the first 100.  Stef dropped 3 seconds in her 200 IM, 2:46.7.  Sophie and Rachael also swam best times: 2:43.17, and 2:49.33.  Stef also went on to drop a second in her 100 freestyle: 1:07.63. 


Continuing the fast swims was Jill Anderson, who swam a lifetime best in her 200 freestyle by two seconds: 2:35. 20.  Jill went out faster in the first 100, pushed through fatigue and pain to touch the wall completely spent.   Congratulations on putting it all out there!  Teammate Kelsey Swensen swam in the same heat as Jill, only she swam the 200 fly for the last time. 


Alyssa Pascuzzo, Sarah Tucker and Laura Nunnelly accompanied Christina Goethel and Helen Zhang in the 100 breaststroke.  Upon hearing the Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump it”, the swimmers were ready to race.  Christina Goethel swam a season best time of 1:19.9 (.12 seconds away from a lifetime best time), and Helen swam a strong 100, 1:25.39.  Her first fifty looked very powerful and fluid.  Alyssa, Sarah and Laura all swam season best times: 1:17.04, 1:24.45, and 1:27.61. 


Before the 50 free, Devi Dearmon-Moore was getting pumped up by rocking out to her jams, while divers Vanessa McFarlane and Garbo Garborcauskas laughed, prepared to have fun swimming a fifty free.  Leah VanHoeve swam along with them, determined to earn a best time.  Devi clocked in a season best of 28.53, Leah a season best of 29.54, Vanessa and Garbo swam 32.17, and 36.74 despite goggles falling off. 


Ariel Orr and Greta Stacy, grooving to the music, hopped into the water and stepped onto the block to race one another in a backstroke/fly 100.  Ariel has been working on her backstroke for a few weeks- it was apparent.  She touched the wall in 1:14.1.  Greta was thrilled to try out a 100 fly for the first time.  Upon finishing the race, a large smile spread across her pink face (due to exertion)- she finished it: 1:16.92.  Great enthusiasm Greta!!


The 500 free was next.  Both Hannah Francis and Emma Reim jacked one another up for the race; they were thrilled to be able to swim with one another.  They worked together to finish the race.  Hannah ended up improving her time by six seconds.  In order to complete her last race at Smith College, Emma pulled out the counter Marly Pineda had willed her four years ago.  There was a lot of good “mojo” there for Emma’s swim.


Next, the 100 freestylers strode to the blocks with swagger.  Claire Dudek and diver Vanessa McFarlane accompanied Devi Dearmon-Moore, Helen Zhang, Stef Cervantes and Jill Anderson.  Due to staggered seeding, each person had a person to strive to beat, and also had a person pushing them to finish.  Claire, Devi, Stef and Vanessa all swam season best times: 1:00.48, 1:01.27, 1:07.63, and 1:14.9. 


The final race of the day was Christina Goethel’s 200 breaststroke.  Teammates Christine Hart and Olivia Bannon were delighted to help pace/push Christina for the remaining 100 yards.  Christina swam a lifetime best 200 breaststroke time of 2:51.12.


It was a bittersweet moment for the swimmers and divers- the last time they would be racing in their home pool, the last time they would race this year.  However, the entire time was rooting for each swimmer and diver to perform to the best of their ability that day. 

The best end to the day was a quote from one of the swimmers:

“As much fun as NEWMACs is, I could not have asked for a better morning.” Big smile.


Congratulations Swimmers & Divers.  Cheers to a season/four years well done!!!

However, you aren’t finished yet!! The team is going to need all of your support from the stands at NEWMACs!


Go Wild Bunch.

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  1. Linda kulik permalink
    February 12, 2013 8:50 am

    What a great last meet!!! I love the support and enthusiasm you have for one another!! Looking forward to hosting a few bananas at our home!!!!
    Go Smith Women!! Go Bananas!!!

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