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Last Dual Meet of the Season: Smith College earns 36 season best times!

February 5, 2013


Congratulations to the Wild Bunch for an outstanding meet with the Mount Holyoke Lyons this past Saturday.  The cheering from both Smith’s and Mount Holyoke’s families, friends, fans, and teams echoed around the pool deck.  Both Smith and Mount Holyoke’s seniors were honored for their teamwork, cooperation, and passion over the past four years.

The Wild Bunch was charged with energy and electricity, knowing that this was the final time the whole team would be together, competing together, cheering together, getting psyched up together. 

Kim’s words of swimming with confidence were internalized with many swimmers and divers during the meet.  There were over 36 season best times at this meet!!


Starting off the meet in the opening relay, Greta Stacy, who was healthy and ready to race, bettered her 50 backstroke time by a second, touching in 34.26.  She continued to drop time in her 100 backstroke and debuted her 200 backstroke with a very strong time, 1:11.5, and 2:35.41. 


Mackenzie Bradley also broke 11 minutes in her 1000 freestyle, 10:57.37, giving herself a better advantage for the mile at NEWMACs in ten days.  Kelsey Swensen was determined to push herself a little bit more in the 1000 free, aiming for high 34s, low 35s for her splits, which she definitely accomplished!  She dropped six seconds, going 11:39.72!  Ayla Staelin-Lefsky also approached her swim with determination and pride.  At Seven Sisters, Ayla swam the mile and split her fastest 1000 to date.  She went into the race aiming for that same feel power in her stroke, and dropped more than ten seconds off her time, 12:58.16. 


In the 200 yard freestyle, Claire Dudek and Kyle Boyd fed off one another to touch the wall with their season best times by 1-2 seconds.  Claire almost even split her 200, 2:10.74.  Kyle used a driving tempo throughout her swim, 2:11.57.  Sophie Mettler-Grove had an individual 200 free season best time, 2:22.18- starting off smooth and coming back strong.  Jill Anderson, swam a lifetime best time in her 200 free, 2:37.43, using her strong legs to help her come home in the final 50.  Great job women!


Laura Nunnelly shot off the wall in the 100 backstroke.  Her strokes looked very powerful and connected.  She swam a season best time 1:08.08.  Laura also dropped two seconds in her 200 backstroke, 2:25.59, coming home even fasters than her middle 100.  Mackenzie Bradley and Greta Stacy both swam vigorous 200s.  Mackenzie bettered her time by a second as well; 2:21.27.


Olivia Bannon, Ariel Orr, Christina Goethel, and Helen Zhang each earned season best times in the 100 breaststroke:1:10.6, 1:13.41, 1:22, and 1:23.99!  Thinking about core connection and drive, strong sculling in, and fast, low turns, they all had successful races!


The 200 butterfliers also found great success during their swim!  Mackenzie improved her time by a second, 2:17.5, Paige Christie dropped six seconds, 2:26.84, and Bina Milger dropped four seconds 2:44.78!

For the 50 freestyle, Meri Millman, Devi Dearmon-Moore, Vanessa McFarlane, and Rachel Dean all earned season best individual times this weekend.  Devi has been working diligently in practice on kicking strongly and swimming smooth.  Vanessa was thrilled to compete in a swimming event during a dual meet!  Her debut 50 freestyle time was 31.91, which is a solid time considering she has not been swimming regularly!  Rachel Dean adopted the strong kicking 50 free sprint in order to keep her arms swimming and moving smoothly and in control.  She earned a season best time during her last meet at Smith College.  Congrats Rachel!



In the 100 freestyle, Hayley Bezubka, Devi Dearmon-Moore, and Sophie Mettler-Grove attacked their walls and kicks off the wall.  Hayley is extremely close to breaking a minute, 1:00.09.  Similar to Seven Sisters, Devi declared that she was going to swim a 1:02 and did it, 1:02.8. Sophie Mettler-Grove continues to see benefits of her speed training in meets; she dropped half a second in the 100, 1:03.28. 


The 200 breaststroke saw just as much success as each previous heat: three season best times by Olivia Bannon, Christine Hart and Christina Goethel.  Olivia was determined to make it a good race between her and the Mount Holyoke breaststroker; she swam a gutsy first 150 of the race and held on to finish at 2:33.46.  Christine Hart kept her tempo driving and finished at 2:39.5!  Christina Goethel continues to execute great core action during her breaststroke swims as well, 2:54.13 (less than one second away from her best time!). 


Claire Dudek had another spectacular swim in her 500 freestyle.  Swimming her own race, Claire’s strokes were long and powerful.  She has been working on her start timing and faster turns in practice.  She dropped almost ten seconds, 5:46.35, a lifetime best time.  Translating her powerful kick into more that the last 100 will continue to help her find even more success in her 500.  There is still more to see from Claire Dudek!


The 100 fly had two personal best times from Bina Milger and Hannah Francis: 1:10.71 (two second time drop) and 1:07.93 (1 second drop).  Bina was thrilled when she glanced up at the clock to see 1:10!  Go FLY!


200 IMers Laura Nunnelly, and Stef Cervantes finished with a gutsy 50 free length.  Ariel Orr’s turns were purposeful and quick.   400 IMer Emily Lane improved her 100 breaststroke length by three seconds, 5:23.75.


Divers Jenika, Cece and Garbo earned 1st, 3rd, and 4th places in the 1-meter.  And Jenika and Cece earned 1st and 2nd in the 3-meter.  It was wonderful to see the divers giving one another encouragement and tips after each dive.  They are a very supportive bunch! 


Overall, it was another fantastic dual meet in the books for the Smith College Wild Bunch.  For those not competing at NEWMACs, a final meet will be held at Smith College on February 9th with those from Mount Holyoke’s team.  We look forward to seeing some fierce competition in a few days.



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  1. Linda kulik permalink
    February 6, 2013 6:23 am

    Great Meet!!!! You go girls!!!!!! Go Bananas!

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