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January 28, 2013


This past Saturday, the Wild Bunch held another intrateam: Wilds vs. Bunches meet at their home pool.  Teams had to swim or dive a designated number in order to earn points for the team.   Vanessa McFarlane, Garbo Garborcauskas, Cece Arrison, and Jenika Parson regaled us with three decided dives, but then had the option to introduce their own creativity with: a three bounce somersault, a handstand dive into a dive or somersault and a BIG splash dive.  All the divers beat their required score for the first three dives.  Each one highly enjoyed cannon-balling or semi-jack knifing into the water, splashing all four coaches.   Cece Arrison was named winner of the Big Splash, earning her team the lead in the Wilds vs. Bunches rivalry.

The individual swimming events consisted of 100s of stroke, a 50, 100, and 300 free.  Breaststrokers Olivia Bannon and Leah VanHoeve, knocked off seconds in their 100, 1:11.63 (tenths of seconds away from her personal best time), and 1:17.02 (almost in the 1:16!!).  Despite being sick and out of the water for two weeks, Greta Stacy improved her 100 backstroke time by three seconds: 1:11.7!

The 100 freestyle had everyone cheering the sprinters on.  Meri Millman finally touched the wall in 59.34!  Very close behind her was Hayley Bezubka almost breaking a minute with 1:00.28, which a personal best swim for Hayley!  Meri and Hayley have consistently been incredibly motivated, energetic and competitive in practice; their efforts show in this race! Devi Dearmon-Moore also rocked another 100 freestyle, dropping one second to swim 4 lengths in 1:03.77.  She has been working so hard on her kick drive, getting her tempo up and charging into the finish.

Mackenzie Bradley, Paige Christie, Emily Lane, and Claire Dudek all smashed their 300 freestyle time, 3:16.26, 3:16.69, 3:25.75, and 3:30.62.  Emily Lane touched the wall with a big grin on her face.  Claire started using her legs a little bit more and really worked on starting off the block with a strong, confidence dive. Similar to practice, Paige and Mack continued to push each other- each one moving away a little and the other quickly keeping pace.

The Wilds and Bunches channeled their inner 8 & under swimmer by competing in the 100 yd Medley Relay, 100 freestyle relay, 3×100 IM relay, and the 100 kick with fins relay.  The divers competed in the last kick with fins relay.   All swimmers and divers were laughing while sprinting as fast as possible during the kick relay.  The Wilds ended up beating the Bunches due to a loss of a fin by the Bunches.  The important part was that people swam and dove well, competed, and had fun.

The last dual meet is on its way this weekend!  My how January has FLOWN by.  See you at Mount Holyoke!

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