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Smith College & Seven Sisters 2013 @ Wellesley Smith places 4th @ Seven Sisters; Jenika Parson breaks Seven Sisters 1Meter Diving Record; Mackenzie Bradley Chosen as Pineda Award Winner

January 22, 2013
Splash Cheer!

Splash Cheer!

Continuing on the journey for speed and  power down the lane, and skillfulness and expertise on the boards, the Wild Bunch traveled east to Wellesley College for their last meet of J-Term.  Throughout the weekend, the Bananas grew more and more energetic; they swam with more drive and purpose while those who dove, continued to excel on the boards.

Jenika Parson dove with poise and confidence on both the 1M and 3M; she broke the Seven Sisters diving points record on the 1M while also earning another NCAA consideration on both boards.  Because of her win on the 1Meter board, Jenika also earned a place on the 2013 Seven Sisters Team.  Congratulations, Jenika.DSC_0395

Cece Arrison and Garbo Garborcauskas also continue to improve each and every dive.  Cece Arrison missed a NCAA consideration on the 1Meter board by seven points!  She has grown so much as an athlete and competitor.  Both Cece and Garbo possess a calmer demeanor, which represents the trust they have in their learned ability.  Keep striving!

Along with the fantastic diving, there were many season bests and a few personal bests for the swimmers.

Jill Anderson went bananas in her 50 free split 32.67 and her 100 freestyle: 1:11.47, both personal best splits!  Jill’s ferocious kick sets during practice have helped push her arm tempo in her races!  Jill also holds the record for leg press on the team: 310+ pounds of multiple reps! Congrats Jill!

Olivia Bannon continued to drop time in her 50 breaststroke split and 200 breaststroke: 33.3 and 2:34.56.  She has been working on staying longer and more powerful with each stroke during practice this week since her races were primarily lower body driven.  Olivia also had a season best time in her 50 freestyle: 27.73.

Kyle Boyd continues to surprise everyone with her building swims in all of her events.  She swam personal bests in her 500 freestyle: 5:43.94 and 1650 free, 19:46.83.  Kyle’s 200 freestyle time was also a season best time.  Kyle is a quiet, yet aggressive competitor.  It is always exciting to watch her race.

Mackenzie Bradley, finishing in 2nd during the 1650 with a season best time of 18:27.56, and .37 sec away from her fastest 400 IM time, was awarded the Marly Pineda award during the Seven Sisters banquet on Saturday.  As Mackenzie shook Wellesley’s Athletic Director’s hand and gave Kim a hug, the entire group of coaches and swimmers/divers stood to applaud Mack as a person, athlete, and competitor.  CONGRATS MACK!

Stef, “the Terminator” Cervantes, despite some shoulder discomfort during the meet, fought the clock and swam two season best times in the 100 back and the 100 fly: 1:28.79 and 1:25.61.

Paige Christie’s mile debut at Seven Sisters was also a personal best time: 19:35.45.  She is one second faster in this event than she was last year (and has only swam this event one time!)  Paige continued to swim fastest times in her 100 back, 1:08.04, and 200 back as well 2:24.89.

Robin Currens debuted a 200 free and 500 free this season, swimming 2:12.19 and 5:46.94! Pushing through body fatigue, Robin finished the meet with a 1:00.88 as the anchor of the 400 “A” Free Relay.

Recovering from a shoulder injury, Rachel Dean swam the 50 and 100 freestyle with solid technical form; she was .12 away from swimming season bests in both races.  Well done, Deanie!

Devi Dearmon-Moore was determined to swim the 50 free in under 30 seconds, and DID with a time of 29.42.  She also took almost 2 seconds off the 100 freestyle as well!  Devi also competed in the 100 breaststroke- the length of her kick and her drive forward with each stroke was wonderful!.

Claire Dudek continues to gain power and speed each week.  She swam personal bests in the 100 breaststroke, 1:20.56 (cut four seconds off), 500 free, 5:55.48, and debuted her mile swim, 20:37.25.  Claire has been working diligently on the explosiveness of her start during every practice.

Continuing along the line of personal bests, Hannah “Grizzles” Francis, went under 1:16 in her 100 breaststroke, 1:15.86, and debuted her 200 freestyle at 2:15.49 in her relay.  Despite not breathing very much during the first 100 of her 200, she was able to push through intense oxygen debt.  We look forward to seeing that time drop as she gains more experience swimming the 200.  What a gutsy swim!

Christina Goethel smashed both of her IM times!  She dropped seven seconds in her 200 IM, going out faster in the butterfly and backstroke lengths.  She also cut eleven seconds off her 400 IM: 5:44.01.

Christine Hart had an awesome meet, dropping time in every individual event!  She dropped a second in her breaststroke: 1:14.23, a second in her 200 breast: 2:42.06, four seconds in her 200IM: 2:30.6 (a personal best time!), and dropped six seconds in her 100 backstroke.  Christine saw the opportunity to practice backstroke during the week before the meet and it paid off!

Emily Lane debuted her mile swim with a 19:50.44 during this meet.  She and Kelsey Swensen helped each other during the swim since they swam in the lanes next to each other!  Emily also saw a nice time drop in her backstroke: 2:32.4.  Approaching the 400IM with a positive attitude, Emily swam a season best by nine seconds: 5:26.47.

Sophie Mettler-Grove swam season best times in each of her freestyle events!  For her 50, she went 29.43.   She dropped a second in her 100 free 1:03.95, driving in and out of her walls with better drive and improved tight streamlining.  Sophie rocked her 200 freestyle in the relay, dropping three seconds 2:20.66.  Keep bringing the energy, Sophie!

Bina Milger had a great breakthrough in her 200 fly this weekend.  She descended her last fifty of the race, but also starting to swim with more power and length in the last twenty-five.  She dropped three seconds, 2:48.50.

Meri Millman found a new sprint level this weekend- almost going under a minute in her individual 100 free, but then making it up in the last relay, going a split of 59.94.  The first part of Meri’s 100 looked much more purposeful- her head was down during her breakout, her stroke tempo is improving.   In practice we will continue to work on finish timing as well.  Meri also swam an even-split 100 backstroke: 1:11.14.  As she becomes more comfortable letting her head relax in the water, she will easily slide into the 1:09 range.

Laura Nunnelly’s tempo and lane swimming helped her drop from 1:09.15 to 1:08.88.  Her determination and practice effort have allowed her to keep edging seconds off her backstroke times.

Ayla Staelin-Lefsky battled a sore throat and cough during the whole meet.  Her mental toughness prevailed during the last session where she swam a lifetime best time in her 1650.  Her 500 split was three seconds faster than her individual 500 swim.  For the first half of the race, Ayla really focused on holding the water and accelerating into her walls.

Kelsey Swensen worked well with lane-mate, Emily Lane, to swim a 19:49.73 mile swim.  Both Kelsey and Emily brought their pressure up during the last 200 of the race, pushing each other to finish well.

Sarah Tucker swam a fearless 200 freestyle – swimming the first 100 only a second and a half off her 100 time, and came home stroke in the second half of the race.  She was only one second off her personal best time, 2:19.94.   Sarah also had a solid swim in her 200IM, working with fellow backstroker Laura Nunnelly.  Sarah swam a season best time of 2:34.65.

Leah VanHoeve’s breaststroke looked very powerful and long in both her 100 and 200- she swam season best times of 1:17.23 and 2:45.63.  Her effort to swim technically well during challenging sets is paying off!

And last, but not least, Helen Zhang swam with more vigor and passion in her freestyle events.  She broke the 30 mark in her 50 freestyle, 29.93 as well as dropped two seconds in her 100 free: 1:05.19.   Helen’s kick tempo was much more powerful during her individual and relay swims.  She also debuted the 200IM with a time of 2:54.48.

Great job continuing to acquire speed, power and mental toughness during a time when your bodies are tired!  There are only three or four more weeks of the season for us to enjoy. DSC_0329

Get fierce Wild Bunch!  Keep on working hard!

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  1. Linda kulik permalink
    January 23, 2013 7:40 am

    Great meet keep working hard. Go Bananas!!!
    Mrs. K

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