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Smith Swims and Dives with Confidence @ Home meet with Springfield College

November 7, 2012

Smith swimmers watching and supporting Smith divers!

With spirit, confidence and a slew of supporting fans in the bleachers, the Wild Bunch performed very well against Springfield College on Tuesday, November 6th.  It was thrilling to look up and see so many new and familiar faces in the stands.  Springfield and Smith posted some very fast, strong swims and dives.  There were a few spectacular races where the Wild Bunch pressed through Springfield.

Mackenzie Bradley had a tremendous 200 fly where she came from a body length behind the Springfield swimmer in the last fifty and edged her out by two seconds at the end of the race.  Mack accomplished this not too long after swimming a bold first 1000 free: 11:04.25, less than six seconds off her best NEWMAC 2012 time.  Kelsey Swensen and Emily Lane both stepped up and swam fantastic first 1000 freestyles.  Kelsey improved her best time from the Fall 2011 by almost eighteen seconds, 11:45.52.  The distance swimmers looked courageous and bold 1000 freestyles.

Kyle Boyd had two great swims in the 200 free and the 500 free.  She attacked her tempo and began to push earlier in both events, earning times close to one second off her NEWMAC 2012 times, 2:14.42 and 5:54.47.  Ayla Staelin-Lefsky also had a tremendous meet, slashing two seconds off her 200 free, earning a Personal best time of: 2:26.19, and was three seconds off her best 500 freestyle time during NEWMACs 2012.

Emma Reim debuted her 200 freestyle at a 2:13.95, maintaining excellent acceleration in and out of her turns and keeping a consistent stroke flutter kick throughout her race.  Sophie Mettler-Grove improved her season best 200 freestyle time by five seconds, working on her core connection and holding water throughout her swim, 2:25.16.

Robin Currens is gaining speed and power in her 50 backstroke (from the relay); she hit 31.93, which is a steady improvement throughout the season thus far.  Robin continued to drop seconds in her 100 backstroke and 200 backstroke as well.  Laura Nunnelly took her 100 back out with a driving tempo and cut another second off her time, 1:09.5.  She is also consistently dropping time in her 200 back as well 2:38 to a 2:31.05.  Sarah Tucker succeeded in going a half second faster in her 100 back as well as a second faster in her 200 backstroke.

Our breaststrokers demonstrated acquisition of more power, speed and endurance in the 100s and 200s breast.  Ariel Orr plunged into 1:13.78 in the 100and 2:42.33 in the 200, getting excellent core engagement during both her swims.  She is less than three seconds away from her best times in both events.  Olivia Bannon kept her stroke long and strong during her swims and knocked off time in her 100, 1:14.42.  Christina Goethel debuted her first 100 breast of the season, looking strong at a 1:24.91.  Leah VanHoeve swam her personal best time in her 200 breaststroke, 2:49.5, concentrating on sculling in and shooting her arms out during her swim.  Her strokes were very long and powerful.  Helen Zhang also dropped another three seconds off her 200 as well.  She made sure that she engaged her core during the kick of her breaststroke.

The freestyle sprinters had a successful meet as well.  Bina Milger succeeded in attaining a 28.25 by working on her core connection and solid turns.  Rachael Gainer is dropping time steadily in her 50; she swam under a 29, 28.8 for the first time this season!  Stef “the terminator” Cervantes cut three seconds of her 50 free time, 31.36, which also translated well into her 200 IM.  She swam her best time of the season, 2:52.58, coming home in a 38.14!

Cecelia Arrison was very confident in her familiar dives; she maintained overall great form throughout almost each dive on the 1M and 3M.  Cece improved her 3M best dive score: 165.3 from a 157.5.

In the 100 freestyle, Alyssa Pascuzzo got her tempo going from the very beginning and almost managed to out touch two other Springfield swimmers.  They helped her go a 58.06.  She will definitely get to her 57 within the next few weeks if she keeps training as well as she has been.  She also succeeded in winning the 100 fly with a time of 1:03.73, a three second improvement from the past week.  Meri Millman is a true competitive spirit, yearning to challenge those around her.  She is also steadily dropping small bouts of time.  1:01.02 is her season best time thus far.  Hannah Francis went into her 100 freestyle confidently and almost broke a minute (1:00.91).  Her legs were violently kicking at the very end of her race.  She demonstrated the same zeal in her 100 fly too: 1:08.92, which is a solid first 100 fly time!  Greta Stacy succeeded in reducing her 100 free by another second, 1:04.75.

Bina Milger made sure that her fly strokes maintained good length and power and improved her season best time by three seconds, 1:12.98.  She has been putting in the extra practice on her open turns, which is proving to pay off!  Devi Dearmon-Moore and Stef Cervantes both debuted their 100 fly with time of 1:13.94 and 1:26.5, which were very technically sound, solid swims for them both.

Our other IMers, Alyssa Pascuzzo, Olivia Bannon, Sarah Tucker, Ariel Orr, and Christina Goethel pushed themselves to swim through the end of meet fatigue (and dinner hunger pains).  Alyssa improved her times by over five seconds!

The Swimmers and Divers all brought forth an immense amount of vivacity towards competition and towards cheering for both Smith and Springfield swimmers.  We all enjoyed being challenged by one another including Springfield’s team.  We wish Springfield luck with the rest of their season.  The Smith athletes continue to challenge themselves in and out of the pool everyday- keeping their season goals in mind while keeping their ultimate goal of success at NEWMACs or Nationals.

Thank you to all the family and friends who attended the meet yesterday!  It is always heartwarming to see fans cheering in the stands (and at home watching live feed from the computer).

Until next week- Tuesday, November 13th AWAY at Elms College at 7pm.

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