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What Happens in J-Term… goes on the blog!

January 16, 2012

While school is out of session, the bananas keep up their swimming & team bonding progression.

Upon the return of the rest of the bunch, the bananas discovered that all of their suits combined form…

A Banana Rainbow!

Wild Bunch Traditions:

During J Term, the Swimmers and Divers organize a variety of activities for the Wild Bunch such as: bag tags, team movies, puzzle night, sunshine cards, etc.


Before the first meet of 2012 against Wellesley, the Wild Bunch took out their scissors, magazines, and creative minds, and designed their own bag tags.


PUZZLE NIGHT:  29 Puzzles total, 800 possible points.  Earn 250: Practice from 9-10am. Earn 400+: no morning practice.  Deadline: Call Kim by midnight


2 Mini Puzzles: 25 points each

23 detangler puzzles: 25 points each

One WORLD: 150 points

One Creepy Crawlers: 25 points

The pyramid/ fit the pieces in the box: 25 points each

TASK COMPLETE: 9:30PM Kim receives a call


The puzzlers deserve a mental break! Post-puzzles:

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