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“*TWANG* You’re not tired!” Puerto Rico Training Trip a Great Success!

January 12, 2012

Swim. Conditioning. Brunch. Pool/Beach with friends. Tan. Nap. Swim. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

On December 29th, fourteen bananas: Jenny, Karen, T Rex, Becca, Carly, Alex, Mackenzie, Ariel, Victoria, Robin, Olivia, Kyle, Amanda, and Kim embarked on their training trip adventure down to the warm, sunny island of Puerto Rico.

Despite a few unexpected delays, everyone arrived safely, ready to train for the next eight days.

We trained twice a day, performing strength exercises after our first practice at Piscina Municipal de Victor Vassallo facility.  It was a few swimmers’ first time swimming in an 8-lane 50-meter pool, but after the first few days, they grew accustomed to the blue skies, fresh air, and longer distances.  It was an interesting challenge for our backstrokers who played a form of elongated pinball for the first couple practices.  The swimmers trained well, ate extremely well at the buffet brunches and dinners after 8-10 morning practice and 4-6 evening practice.  They enjoyed the private pools and beaches during off time: playing water volleyball, collecting shells, and body surfing/jumping the waves.

The only other team that was with us for the first few days (and last three days of 2011) was SUNY Potsdam.  Skidmore, Georgetown, RPI, and Seton Hall traveled down after the New Year.

The Hilton Christmas, Three Kings, and New Years decorations consisted of dozens of Christmas trees and sparkling lights covering the brunch and pool areas.

For the New Year celebration, the Hotel had two live bands for the guests to dance the night away into the New Year.

The Bananas dressed up and strutted their salsa and merengue stuff on the dance floor, making friends with the locals whiledancing into the New Year.  At the strike of midnight, as the fireworks were set off, the bananas toasted one another with sparkling cider.

On January 3rd, after a 6-8-morning practice, the wild bunch ventured into Old San Juan for the afternoon.  Some explored El Moro while others walked around and looked for neat souvenirs to take home.  A few of us dined at a favorite local spot called Manolin where some ate Mofongo (friend plantains with seafood or meat inside) and drank passion fruit juice.  Toward the middle of the meal, a band of five men entered the restaurant and started playing a celebratory Three Kings song on the drums, trombone, tambourine, and vocals.

A bunch of bananas bought a large coconut, drinking the delicious coconut water from it.  Having established a strong relationship with “Fred” the coconut, the coconut became the mascot of the trip and followed the team back to Northampton.  He now resides on the guard table in the Dalton Pool, observing the swimmers and divers during practices.

A highlight of the trip was the reveal of Kim’s magical ability to eliminate all signs of fatigue with the swish and flick of his clipboard: “ Twang, you’re not tired.”

The bananas ended their training trip with a traditional jump of the high dives: 7.5 and 10 meters.  Below are the video clips from the last day.

(Carly, Kyle, Olivia, Karen dives off 7M, Mac)

(Karen off the 3 M)

(Last day in Puerto Rico!)

(Karen off the 10 Meter)

The trip was a fantastic success: we trained efficiently, worked hard, had fun, deepened our tans, and created a plethora of memories.

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  1. T-Rex permalink
    January 12, 2012 2:25 pm

    Omg Amanda, bravo!!!! I love the picture of Kim 🙂

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