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Summertime for the Wild Bunch

May 7, 2011

Now that finals are over the Wild Bunch is leaving Smith, or not, for some amazing summer adventures!  Along with being all over the U.S. there will be bananas in China, Russia, Israel and England during various points of the summer.  Here is a taste of the amazing experiences the team will be having:

Hayley Bezubka will be babysitting and hopefully finding another job working at a country club.   She hopes to come back from summer darker than Kim so she plans to be at the beach working on her tan whenever time allows.  In addition to working and tanning, she will spend time with friends and family and miss the Wild Bunch incredibly.

Rebecca Chazin is going back to work where she used her Praxis last summer, the Regional Air Quality Council. They are the primary air quality planning agency for the Denver-metro area. She will be working on their primary summer program called Ozone Aware. Her tasks will vary but she’ll get to use some of the GIS work that she learned this semester in her Intro to GIS class!

Robin Currens will be heading back to Maryland working with the Neutrophil Monitoring Laboratory through the National Cancer Institute–Frederick and lifeguarding too!

Rachel Dean is very excited to be an Alumnae Ambassador for the Classes of ’91 and 56′ during Reunion. After this adventure she will be spending the rest of her summer working at Camp Sloane in Lakeville, CT. She has recruited fellow Banana, Ariel Orr, so they will be having a fantastic summer in the Berkshires!

Karen Fryefield will be in Northern California on a ranch being a camp counselor for the third summer in a row!

Rachael Gainer will be living at Smith this summer and working with the Smith Summer Science ad Engineering Program for high school girls.

Christina Goethel will be working at Camp Favorite, a girl scout camp on Cape Cod, working as a counselor. They have a program called Oceans of Opportunity that she will be involved in!

Kiara Gomez will be doing an internship for marine sciences and geology Georgia from May to early July and will be lifeguarding and teaching lessons from July to August.

Margot Lurie will be abroad in Jerusalem, Israel for three months!  She will be an intern at the Jewish Italian Museum.  When she gets back to the US in August she will be volunteering at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Genisis Luviano will be practicing water polo with her high school team as much as possible this summer and working.

Carly Mailly will be living in Northampton and interning at Cooley Dickinson while taking an MCAT class.

Ariel Orr is going to go home initially to Hamden, CT and then she is going to be counseling at a YMCA camp (Camp Sloane) for June, July and part of August in the Berkshires in CT. Other then that she’ll be chilling, eating, reading, swimming and sleeping the days away!!

Alex Page will be living in San Diego, CA this summer researching at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (a lab that is a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)) through a scholarship called the Hollings Scholarship.  Her research will focus on analyzing the chemistry tuna otoliths to learn more about the migration patterns of these large pelagic fish, and to gain some information on ocean chemistry as well.  She will also be participating in a 10 day long research cruise for shark tagging.  In August she will present her research in Washington D.C. at a NOAA Science and Education Symposium for the Hollings Scholars of her class year.

Jenny Prince will be helping with the evaluation of Project LAUNCH NYC.  A project run by the National Center for Children in Poverty that helps to improve the mental health of newborns to children age 8 in Hunt’s Point and East Harlem by providing services to them and their families.

Emma Reim will be living at Smith and working at Executive Education while training to swim the English Channel with fellow Banana Mackenzie Bradley.  The two of them leave for England in August and are very excited!

Rebecca Rosen will be living at Smith, working on a research project about online dating with a research team at UMass Amherst. She will be performing quantitative research using databases from online dating websites. She will also be traveling to England for a week during the summer to visit her family there.

Kelsey Swensen will be one of two coaches for a summer league swim team in Annapolis, MD. That includes practices, meets, extra lessons if needed, and lots of fun! She will also continue my job as an historical tour guide in downtown Annapolis.

 Sarah Tucker has received a US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship and will be studying the Russian language for two months in Ufa, Russia. After this, she will return home for a few weeks to relax and reboot before the Fall semester begins.

Victoria Wu will be studying Chinese in Shanghai, China!

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