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Looking forward to the Summer

April 1, 2010

As the school year winds down, some team members are starting to make plans for their summers. Here are a few of the highlights:

First-year Sarah Tucker will be working in David Smith’s lab in the bio department through the Smith SURF program. She’ll be helping with researching The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Crab Malt Rate and Cuticle Thickness. Sarah says that ocean acidification is one result of the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, or global warming. It affects a crab’s ability to form its hard calcium carbonate shell because calcium carbonate dissolves in acid. She is looking forward to researching and spending extra time at Smith.

Senior Faith Latella recently found out that she’ll be coaching a 60 person swim team, kids ranging in age from 5-17.  The season is 8 weeks long with 5 dual meets and a championship meet at the culmination of the season.  In addition to coaching, Faith will also serve as the aquatics director of Sea Cliff Yacht Club in Long Island. There she’ll be in charge of pool maintenance, lifeguard supervision and scheduling, as well as giving and coordinating private swim lessons and lessons for the camp kids that come into the pool for 1 hour everyday as well as arranging various events for club members involving the pool.

Senior Christine Dzialo will be keeping Sarah company at Smith for a few weeks this summer as she will be the assistant residential director for the 2010 Smith College Summer Science and Engineering Program (SSEP) which takes place June 7–July 2. Then Christine hopes to return as a counselor to a running camp hosted at Dartmouth.

First-year Izzy Harper will be spending the summer alligator wrestling, bone growing, and waiting tables. Can’t wait to hear her stories…

First-year Sophie Mettler-Grove (aka Swindle) will be living on the Cape this summer where she has an internship with Deval Patrick during the day and is working at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow at night!

Junior Alexis Roehrich who has spent her junior year in Paris is spending the summer living in Morocco. There she is doing an internship in human rights and law with a focus on women’s rights through the organization Projects Abroad.

First-year Karen Fryefield is excited to be a camp counselor summer camp on a ranch in Northern California!!

Sophomore Alex Page this summer is sticking around for senior week dancing with Celebrations in performances.  She’ll then head home for a bit and then she’s off to Beaufort, NC to research at the Duke Marine Lab, one of the best marine labs and graduate schools for marine science in the world! Alex is excited to be renting a room in a house of a former Smithie (’02). Her summer will finally wrap up with a family(and a Swindle) vacation to Cape Cod.

Junior Lenora Walter who has been JYA in Italy, will be using her Praxis to work at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. There she’ll be learning the ropes of non-profit administration behind the scenes, training volunteers and docents, and working on educational outreach programs!  The Conservatory of Flowers is really amazing (; it’s a city, state, and national historic landmark. It’s also in Golden Gate Park, one of the coolest places in the world : ) Now that she has the sweet internship, she’s  looking for a job and someplace to live!

First-year Rachel Dean has a really neat internship during commencement recording oral histories of Smith Alums. Then she is off to be a camp counselor at Camp Sloane, YMCA in Lakeville, CT.

First-Year Mackenzie Bradley will be living at the pool this summer working at the YMCA in Sherwood, teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding. She’ll also be training to make the English Channel Swim 2011.

Junior Lily Seidman is attending the Indiana University Field Camp out in South Dakota and Montana for 5 weeks. Lily will then be returning to Smith to begin her field work for a potential Honors Thesis in the Geosciences Department.

First-year Emma Reim has a busy summer beginning with a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico for about 10 weeks to volunteer as a project supervisor for the Amigos de las Americas program. There she’ll be responsible for 8-12 volunteers, and four host communities.  Emma will get an opportunity to visit their host communities each week and check-in on volunteers (bring mail, news updates, medicine etc.).  Once the project is completed she’s going to travel by bus to Honduras and Nicaragua with some friends to visit her old host family and explore Honduras.  In total she’ll be gone about 13 weeks. Then back to Smith just in time to help Mackenzie train for the English Channel!

Sophomore Becca Chazin hopes to spend most of her summer in her hometown of Denver, Co, interning with a non-profit, mount climbing with her dad, and possibly returning to work part-time at the grocery store. But her big summer plans are to travel to Israel for two weeks in the beginning of August!

Sophomore Rebecca Rosen has applied to several internships in NYC. A couple involve working for a public defender and the others are for non-profit political organizations. She’s also organizing a field hockey summer camp children in middle-school in her local area with the assistance of her high school coach. She says you can also find her in the pool (hopefully every day). She is also looking into getting involved with hot yoga again, which she enjoyed a few summers ago. The down side to her summer will be being tested for compartment syndrome and go to physical therapy 😦

First-year Christina Goethel will be will be working on a campaign, Environment California, that is trying to clean up the Pacific Ocean in Sacramento this summer. There is an island of trash floating in the Pacific and it is comprised of mainly bottle tops and take-out Styrofoam food containers. Environment California is working on making California the first state in the country to ban Styrofoam containers.

Whew! What a list of AMAZING opportunities. One thing is for sure…Smithies sure do go places 🙂

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