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Thanksgiving Break Workouts

November 23, 2009

With Thanksgiving break coming up it is critical that you continue to train and stay in shape.  Over this next week you should train 4 times in including the workouts you get in tomorrow or Tuesday.  WE cannot go a week with no workouts and expect it to be productive.  Every team faces this problem and about 2/3 of the NE teams save this week as we are doing.  It is up to us to use this time as effectively as possible.  If you cannot find water, you should do weight room workouts (1 1/2 hrs in duration) including some aerobic work, some light weight-high repetition work and lots of core work.

The pool is open today 11:30-2:00 pm.There will be open swims/dives on Monday and Tuesday 4-6 pm.   There will be swimmers and divers and maybe a few recreational swimmers at these time.

For swimmers you want to get in 4500-5500 yards each water session.  You can find many workouts here on the blog, and some laminated in the pool area on the wall.

A general plan is to have two days including hard aerobic (limited rest/tight interval) work with a set of 2,000-3,000 yards and two days of workouts that include 1200 yards total of race pace swimming using the smallest interval possible to achieve race pace times.

All workout should include stroke/fell work and all workouts should include kicking.  Also continue with core and strength work as well.  if you need more specific workout ideas, let Kim or I know and we’ll send you some more ideas.

For divers, IF you can find access to  boards, clearly do 3-5 of each dive and leadups.  Do lots of approaches/take-offs and skill drills (standing dives, board touches, jumps tuck/pike/t-set).  Also continue with core and strength work as well.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy the break!

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