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First Day of the Season 2009-2010

September 29, 2009

Yesterday was the first day of our season.  We had 25 swimmers and 5 divers so it was busy at each practice.  Everyone showed lots of promise, passion and energy.  At both pracices, swimming and diving, we did some team building and will continue to do that as we go forward.  At swim practice we did not do a tremendous amont of work (although some may disagree 🙂 ).  As coaches we  spent the time getting to know everyone’s strokes and making small stroke corrections while evaluating general fitness levels.  It is going to be a very good year!!!  Our first year swimmers show lots of great talent and huge  potential to improve and our returning swimmers show great leadership and a desire to reach for  even higher goals this season.  For the next four days we will do intensive stroke work (one stroke per day using video-discussion-drills) while also adding a bit more aerobic work.  In diving practice, we laid a good foundation by watching and discussing boardwork and then working on our boardwork and then finally we did a  few dives in the last third of practice.  We will continue to view some video and bolster or images and knowledge while refining our basic skills.  Our hope is to build up to a full compliment of dives within the next two weeks.  Again lots of energy and potential.

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